Crueldade: Pescadores decepam cauda de tubarão e deixam animal morrer em alto mar

Por Wellington Botelho

Um vídeo recente que circula pelas redes sociais revela a crueldade cometida por pescadores na Groenlândia.

O caso terrível foi relatado no Instagram. No material compartilhado, é possível ver o momento que marinheiros decepam a cauda de um tubarão e deixam o animal morrer em alto mar.

De acordo com o jornal La Vanguardia , os sujeitos aparentemente observam a situação de dor animal e riem do episódio.

Segundo as informações preliminares, os pescadores foram identificados e demitidos da função. Confira o vídeo (cenas fortes):

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🤬😡 Yet again I’m left speechless with the commercial fishing community and its lack of respect for #marinelife. Two fishermen recorded and laughed as another cuts off the tail (caudal fin) of what looks like a Greenland Shark. One of the fisherman can be heard yelling “Good luck trying to swim, you bastard” while the other laughs as the mutilated #shark tries to escape. #GreenlandSharks live to between 300-500 years old but don’t reach breeding age until about 150. It’s also speculated that populations number are low as the shark is fished for its liver oil in the #Scandinavian region. Thankfully the men were promptly fired from their jobs on board. It also seems that the men broke several laws and could face up to a million ISK (roughly $11600 AUD) in fines on animal cruelty charges… hardly enough for that horrific act in my opinion. @oceanskeepers . . . . . . #greenland #greenlandshark #sharkeducation #sharkconservation #saveshark #saveoursharks #fishing #commercialfishing #animalcruelty #stopanimalcruelty #oceanskeepers #iceland

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