Nova tendência? Tatuagens com efeitos especiais deixam internet de queixo caído

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O tatuador norte-americano Roy Lee Rowlett vem fazendo sucesso com uma tatuagem inusitada. No último sábado (4), seus seguidores no Instagram ficaram impressionados com uma tatuagem da série "Rick and Morty" que reproduz efeitos especiais.

O resultado é possível a partir da aplicação de uma camada verde que pode ser usada para projetar um vídeo — Neste caso, o universo intergalático das aventuras do neto e seu avô.

A técnica também já foi utilizada por outros tatuadores, mas será que vai virar tendência? Veja as imagens:

INK BY @joshhermantattoo! Still waiting for this bad boy to heal all the way so i can get into some baller videos but this one just gets me still! PS: I went to josh months ago with this idea and put a ton of thought and research into this piece. Yes its cool, yes its unique, but please dont send me all the half ass biter green screen tattoos popping up now. As far as i know this was the first green screen tattoo meant SPECIFICALLY to be animated from the start, and me and josh both knew people would be all over it. Whats funny is that not a single person has shouted out Josh for the insperation that ive seen, in fact many of them are claiming it their idea. Lets get one thing straight. This is chroma key, its not original in anyway what so ever!!! And from a tattoo stand point, honestly any tattooer can slap some green in a tattoo and edit it. That being said there is a difference between being original, and imitating what you see from others to make a quick buck because its cool. "If you need a gimmick to sell what you do, you probably suck at what you do" #theREAL #GREENSCREENTATTOO #FUCKYOURPORTAL #FUCKYOUFEELINGS #TRENDSETTERS

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SOUND ON…..its way awesomer. and please Repost!…… Ok…. Finally figured this out….remember I did NOT start this new trend, it's hard to do and I give so much credit to the guys who made these before me….its a really cool novelty for the client, and I think it's just fun….bandwagon, and shares and shit aside, it's really pretty cool…..the bonus to this is, if you have a video of the tattoo, you can put any other clip inside anytime….the technology has been here already and is probably just going to get better. Unlike those stupid sound wave tattoos, this does not rely on a database of recordings to work….because once that is gone, the tattoo is just a squiggly line…, The one thing I tried to do differently was to do a cool tattoo that can stand on it's own on the skin…..I'll post the shot of that next!…..thanks for looking, and I hope you all love Moana as much as I do!

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