A série da Netflix que fará você ver roubos de outra forma assim como em 'Vikings'

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Os “Vikings” que saqueavam cidades acabaram conquistando o coração de muitos fãs da série. No entanto, existe outra produção que também faz seus espectadores simpatizarem com os ladrões.

Se trata de “Ladrões da Floresta”, um drama histórico de 10 episódios baseado na vida do líder fora da lei do século 18 Jan de Lichte.

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Do you know Jan's story? He was born in Velzeke, Belgium, on April 7th 1723, from Judocus and Elisabeth, who were already in middle age, and for their livelihood they had to appeal to the Table of the Holy spirit. Jan's parents and other family members, such as his older brother Pieter and his uncle Joannes, were convicted of theft. He was eager and bold and probably as a way out of poverty, the young Jan took service in the Austrian, then the Dutch army, to desert shortly thereafter. In 1740 he committed his first thefts in Dikkele and Strijpen. He soon moved on with other poor people and vagrants, who were encountered everywhere along Flanders roads. After coming back to Aalst, he met his old friends, some from the war, and then made the gang. He wanted to give a future to poors and exiles. He gave them a small hope. Died in Aalst on November 4th 1748 in a horribly way at the age 25. I'm sure he's now in paradise alongside the greatest men of history. – – #debendevanjandelichte #jandelichte #matteosimoni #ossaqueadores #delichte #netflixnl #theflemishbandits #tvseries #tvserie #flanders #louispaulboon #serietv #netflix #flemish #aalst #velzeke

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Baseado no romance de 1957 “De bende van Jan de Lichte”, de Louis Paul Boon, a série mostra a trajetória de Jan de Lichte não apenas um ladrão, mas como um favorito das classes oprimidas em Aalst, atual Bélgica.

A trama, disponível na Netflix, acontece entre 1740 a 1748, durante a Guerra da Sucessão Austríaca. Confira o trailer:

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