Ranking da Forbes: as celebridades mais bem pagas do mundo

Por Wellington Botelho

A revista Forbes revelou nesta segunda-feira (16) as 100 celebridades mais bem pagas do mundo. O boxeador Floyd Mayweather e George Clooney lideram a lista.

A publicação compilou seu ranking estimando rendimentos antes de impostos. O período avaliado compreende entre junho de 2017 e junho de 2018.

Neymar é o único brasileiro no ranking. Ele aparece em 13º lugar, com US$ 90 milhões em ganhos no último ano. Confira a lista com os cinco primeiros nomes:

Floyd Mayweather

Valor: US $ 285 milhões

I post pictures like this to motivate my haters to get money.

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George Clooney

Valor: US $ 239 milhões

The man! #georgeclooney #georgeclooneyofficiel

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Kylie Jenner

Valor: US $ 166,5 milhões

Judith Sheindlin

Valor: US $ 147 milhões

Dwayne Johnson

Valor: US $ 124 milhões

That’s a wrap. Boardin’ the 🦅 after takin’ it to the limit one more time. This tour schedule was intense so you had to be on fire right outta the gates. Your pistons gotta be firing on all cylinders for every Event Interview Appearance Hand shake Meeting Performance Conversation Training session Every word is judged Every performance is critiqued. It requires a certain DNA, thick skin and capacity to be “ON” 24/7. No one really understand this pressure. I can count the people on one hand in my life who do and still have a few fingers left over 😉🤟🏾 I’m in love my job and I’m the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet. The job is incredibly rewarding and equally, fatiguing, but the most valuable asset I have that keeps me motivated is the people. the audience the fans YOU. Every handshake, hug, autograph, selfie, conversation, laugh, cry and laugh again, that I experience out on the road with you is my fuel. My secret weapon that keeps this big, brown, bald, tattooed machine firing on all cylinders. Grateful to the bone. Love y’all and enjoy Skyscraper this weekend. #ThatsAWrap #SkyscraperGlobalPressTour #GetThoseLipsReady #CrackOpenThatBottle #DaddysComingHome

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